Sunset Sweat…The Hottest New Workout in Southern Cali <3

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I’m rushing out the door for my fabulous weekend up in San Francisco.  But if you’re stuck in LA this weekend, don’t panic.  I have the most perfect adventure for you.  A few weeks ago I participated in SUNSET. SWEAT.  It’s the most amazing workout with the most amazing view. First of all,  it starts with a short little hike up the hills of Griffith Park.  I wore my super cute Teddy Bear sneakers and my snake-skin leggings. Yes( probably not the smartest attire to wear to this event), but hey, girl’s gotta look fierce at all times.  At the top of the hike is this amazing view where they do all sorts of photo shoots for magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Nylon!! Exquisite!!! Although I am a newcomer to this sort of workout, I definitely will become a regular to work off all the alcohol and food I will be consuming this weekend up in the Bay. And the trainer, Brandon, who’s super hot and always wears a tank-top,(such a QT) breaks out his speakers and we SWEAT!  It’s an hour long yoga/pilates workout that’s better than any class I’ve taken at Pop Physique or Cardio Barre.  And then you finish with a beautiful meditation while the sun sets over the Los Angeles skyline. Stellar views and a workout? How can such a unique class such as SUNSET SWEAT exist in smoggy filled Southern Cali?? Well, you can find all the info you need here at  Tell them HoneyLA sent you. Hurry fast though as sometimes you have to book weeks in advance to reserve a spot! You don’t wanna miss out on this amazing class that is  filled with celebrity clientele and hipsters galore!!!
This workout is definitely Honey-approved!!!!
**Honeytip: Bring a towl, a yoga mat, and a bottled water, and get ready to sweat and feel fabulous!!! This workout has completely changing my body, soul, and mind!!!
<3 Katie

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