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Ciao my little Honeybees!! How I have missed you all!! I am back from one of those rare and treasured trips that I was lucky and blessed enough to take with my family. Our summer trip began with a jaunt around Rome and then a sailing trip around the Amalfi Coast! I would be lying if I told you everything went smoothly…you could say the trip was more Captain Ron than Loveboat. I have visited Rome before however not to this capacity. I arrived on a Friday, a day when it seemed as if the sun had the key to the city. It was BLOODY HOT!!! From the doors of the Coliseum to the paintings of Michaelangelo, I was losing myself in this so called “Eternal City”.

After I became spent after a few short days, we hopped on a train to Naples where our boat awaited us to set sail on the Meditterean Sea. Our boat was officially known as a Catamaran which contained 5 bedrooms, a kitchen, 5 bathrooms and a lazy area where for many sunsets, I kicked up my feet and thought about life. Our first stop was the island of Ischia, which out of the islands on the trip was very peaceful and serene and filled with watering holes. We went to these natural mineral springs known as Poseidon where there was over 10 pools ranging from hot to cold water and you go from each one to relax. The sulfates in the pools were very good for your skin.

Our next and main stop on the trip was Capri. Ahhhh, Capri. One of the most beautiful islands in the world. Home to celebritys and jet setters, this island was filled with shopping, daily trips to grottos (a place where you can swim in the caves), and streets that seem only fit for midgets. Certainly not the biggest island as there  is only one main center of town where the restaurants, hotels, and shopping lay. The picturesque views from the top where breathtaking and resembled the works of Monet.

Our last stop on the trip included a visit to Sorrento and the ruins at Pompeii. Sorrento reminded me of something out of movie starring Sophia Loren, old classic Hollywood. There were many people who filled the streets, the way people fill the streets during a trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Very populated and known for it’s sinful nightlife. The ruins of Pompeii were also a delight. I wasn’t aware of how big the town was until I roamed the dusty streets. It’s an entire city! Extremely old and awesome!

I hope you have enjoyed my trip through these amazing pictures that I captured along the way. Italy has so many gems to go and visit and all the wine and pasta you want. Eat your heart out and pay a visit to Italy and the Amalfi Coast! Make sure to bring your wallet because a lot of these ports don’t come cheap!!

<3 Katie

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