Oatmeal is not just for breakfast

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During my last trip to Poland I visited a charming spa in Lublin (www.shirinspa.pl) for a massage and facial.  When I have the opportunity I love to try out a spa durning my travels to see if I can pick up any tips to incorporate to my business here in California.  During my facial, the esthetician reminded me of the benefits of cleansing my face with just oatmeal and water.  Oatmeal has antioxidants which reduce redness, protect from UV damage, gentle exfoliant, and has been forever been used to treat dry skin and itching associated with eczema and rashes.  That is why we see oatmeal as and ingredient in so many beauty products :)

Honey tip on how to do it yourself!

What you need:

*Oatmeal (since i am a Trader Joe’s junkie, I like the brand ‘Country Choice‘ they sell)

*hot water

*string or rubberband

*square piece of cotton or pillowcase material


*scoop a few tablespoons into your piece of material

*tie shut with the string or rubberband

*soak in hot water

*after dampening your face use the little pouch of oatmeal and rub in circular motions on your face and neck

*then rinse w cool water

very easy :)

xx Angie 

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