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It’s that time of year again where I take an annual trip with some friends, choose a place on the globe, and select a beautiful destination to travel to and explore. This year I chose to go to Italy where the food is divine, the people are warm and welcoming, and the countryside is just fabulous! My first stop this weekend will be in Rome where I will be exploring the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica! I went to Rome and visited these places as a child however I am excited to go back as an adult where I am certain my view on these relics will have changed.

Next week, I will be taking the train to Naples where there I will be boarding a boat to sail the Amalfi Coast! Islands such as Capri and Pompeii are along my destination route as they are known for their exquisite beauty, hidden treasures, and magnificent seafood caught fresh out of the Mediterranean. I brought my snorkel gear to view life under water and possibly swim with some sharks! Ahhhhhh!

There are a few items on my travels that I never leave home without. A little dress that I purchased at All-Saints (www.allsaints.com) which leaves little to the imagination, issues of Vogue and Health magazine, my snorkel gear, and oh yes! my lovely Poloroid camera!!

Here a few tips from the Hunnies if you are traveling abroad this summer….

Honeytip #1. Always make a photocopy of your passport, that way if you lose it or god forbidden it get’s stolen, you will be able to get home safe and sound and will still be able to get around.

Honeytip#2- Pack lightly and comfortably. Being that Europe is old and their streets are mostly cobblestone, walking around in comfortable shoes is a must! A girl only needs to bring about 1 or 2 pair of heels (sad but true).

Honeytip #3-Check out websites like Tripadvisor.com, Yelp.com,  ,or Expedia.com

Honeytip #4-Bring a moneybelt for your personal belongings. There are a lot of gypsies in Europe who would love to steal your money and identity. Watch out for those!

Honeytip #5-Have a fabulous time and attempt to have fun learning the language!!!

Have a fabulous week and I will see you all when I get home!!


<3 Katie


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