Its a bird, its a plane, nooo its the fan man!!!! Malibu paragliding

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Marcus Kowal (THE BEST UFC FIGHTER) and I were laying out in Malibu, on a peaceful quiet Tuesday  when all of a sudden a flying man with a parachute landed right in front of us! We decided we had to go up with him and you should too!!!!!!!














Not gonna lie, I was so scared before take off, but it was worth every second!!!





After a big running start, attached to the “fan man” we were off!!!!!! The most beautiful views of the water!!! Literally the water looked turquoise from up above and I could see LOTS of big fish shadows (or Sharks) from the sky!







This is his website if you wanna fly over the ocean!!! xo Trish


Want abs like Marcus Kowal? Who doesn’t??  At least you can try and just go to his Krav Maga class in West LA to look at him!!!!!

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