Find Zimm’s Zest at the One and Only Quality Social…San Diego Part 2 <3

It recently dawned on me that the numerous times that I have spent traveling down to San Diego, I had never witnessed the spectacular nightlife that the Gaslamp District has to offer. My visit was surely long overdue. As I strolled up and down 5th and 6th avenues, I noticed all sorts of bars ranging from Irish Pubs to Sports Bars, all offering a different ambience catered toward the individual. One bar in particular, however, stood out about the rest. This trendy new hot-spot is known as Quality Social. Under the executive management of Jeff Manno, Quality Social has earned its top notch ratings as one of San Diego’s Best New Restaurant/Bars of 2012. Below, I posted a few pictures allowing patrons an inside look at what’s in store when you come to this fabulous establishment.


I walked inside and was in amazement at how packed the place was and how creative the menu looked. I, luckily, was able to snag 2 seats at the end of the bar and order a few cocktails. While waiting for service, I happened to glance over and see one of the bartender’s pour a beautiful concoction into a glass known as the IPA Cocktail. I immediately had to taste whatever he was making.


His name is Andrew Zimmer and he is the hot, new mixologist who is spawning a new way for people to drink a delicious cocktail. His drinks were nothing I had ever tasted before, I simply had to know his secret. He is the founder and creator of Zimm’s Zest, a drink additive that puts a kick in your cocktail and puts a new spin on the mixology market. It is made from 100 % citrus oil from fresh lemons, limes, and oranges. You can purchase this amazing product online at www. People everywhere are going to Quality Social just to sample his brilliantly crafted drinks. Below, I posted some pictures of him hard at his work. If you are lucky enough, perhaps he will share his secret with you!!! Enjoy!!!!


I hope you have enjoyed the uniqueness that only Quality Social provides as well as introducing its’ secret weapon, Andrew Zimmer to the mixology world. For more information on Andrew Zimmer and his awesome product, go to

For more info on Quality Social, please visit

They are located at—-> 789 6th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101

You can reach them at—-> (619) 501-7675


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