An Enchanted Evening with Rufus @ The Orpheum…

This honey bee took her sweet adventure this past weekend to downtown LA where I was able to catch up with some old friends of mine as well as see one of my favorite artists on the map, Rufus Wainwright. One of the greatest voices I have ever heard live, his concertio took place at a beautiful venue called The Orpheum, which has been around since Eisenhower was in office. I can only begin to describe to you this sort of palatial heaven, with its golden ceilings and magnificent archways, I felt as if I had walked inside the gates of Zeus’ magical kingdom. Exquisite! A perfect place to see Rufus perform, especially since the acoustics were known to be crystal clear, and it was.

Below, I posted my favorite song from Rufus Wainwright called the Art Teacher from his concert on Saturday. Take a moment and listen to how beautifully he captivates everyone.  This song brings up so many moments and memories. Enjoy!!


Check out the Orpheum here for concert info, etc. Put it on your to do list for fabulous things around town!


<3 Katie  :)

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