Go Wild at the Los Angeles Zoo….<3

I awoke this past Monday morning to the sun beaming through my window and calling for me to get outside and play, which is exactly what I did. Normally, Mondays are hectic for me, like everyone else in the world, but I took the liberty and cancelled my entire day to go play with the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo. A place where they house some amazing creatures including Flamingos, Tortoises, Giraffes, and Tigers. At the mere price of just 16 dollars for admission, you find yourself somewhere between Thailand and India, discovering animals you have never heard or seen before. Below are some fun and informational moments I captured while visiting this animal kingdom. Starting with the Aldabra Tortoises and ending with the Grey Seals…..Enjoy and let out your inner animal!!!




Hope you have enjoyed this fun journey as much as I did!!!!  What a bee-you-tiful way to spend my Monday….Go wild!!!!

For more info on how to get tickets to the Los Angeles Zoo, please go to http://www.lazoo.org

<3 Katie


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