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I recently had one of my friends come visit me from San Francisco for a trip that was short but very sweet. We planned many crazy escapades and tramped around Los Angeles like vagabonds but we certainly feasted like kings. One of our main stops along the way was dinner at a fabulous restaurant located just south of Beverly Hills called Picca meaning (“to nibble”). Known for its Peruvian flair, it offers the best drinks in the city and although the dishes are served tapas style, you will have a new found appreciation on what constitutes high quality food.

As a big foodie, there is nothing more exciting to me than trying new dishes that use the newest and freshest ingredient’s on the market. Picca is notorious for using its own peruvian spices as well as using the newest drink additive on the market known as Mezcal. Mezcal is a distilled alcohol beverage that is derived from the maguey plant(a form of agave) native to Mexico. It is trending all over the U.S., mainly in metropolitan areas and people are taking a liking to the flavor. It has a smoky yet spicy taste to it. Picca uses it in a few of their drinks, one being “The Avocado Project” and the other being “The Tranqulizer.”(Both pictured below)

Their main courses consist of all things Peruvian including chicharron de costillas(crispy pork rib crostini, sweet potato puree, feta cheese sauce, and salsa criolla). This is by far my favorite dish on the menu. More yummy delights include the anticucho tomatoes(burrata and black mint pesto) and the bisteak a la pobre (skirt steak, egg, pan fried banana, and chickpeas tacu tacu). Definitely a must try!

I have eaten at Picca more times that I can name and now you can see why. My friend and I grew up in the hospitality industry (both of our fathers are very successful restaurateurs) so we know what good quality food should taste like. It’s no wonder that Picca is the number #1 restaurant according the the Los Angeles Food and Wine Magazine and you should most certainly make it #1 on your list as well!


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Cheers to great food and good conversation!!!

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