Runyon Canyon: “It never rains in Los Angeles”..HA! Yea right, well just a little bit, and when it does you can find me barefoot on a trail!

Tricia Trotter February 27, 2012 bee FIT No Comments

My favorite times to hike is when it rains or after a big storm..  A.)  The weather blows away any “smog” and transforms our sky to mimic the heavens. B.) Popular places aren’t as crowded (stay tuned for more secluded and secret hikes)  

Today when I woke up, exhausted from my Oscar party, I was so excited to hear the rain hit my window..I jumped up and grabbed my pup, dodger and we headed to Runyon Canyon!  I always love starting from the top, maybe it’s because I am too excited to see the horses, or eh umm..(EMILY and LOLITA) its where the locals begin:)




Head north on La brea, make a right on Franklin, then first left on Outpost drive and drive alllllll the way to the top.  Make a left on Mulholland and you will see the parking lot on the left after a few curves!

****The best time to go: around sunset..Not only will you see the most stunning sunsets, but you will also get to catch the city’s lights allll lit up on the way home at night!


Runyon Canyon is definitely Honey Approved,  because its a place where pups can run free and play with each other!

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